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Lady bird johnson’s lemon cake !!!

by Emy
ady Bird Johnson Lemon Cake Vintage lemon cake with sweet lemon glaze. Lemon cake makes a delicious birthday cake!
I love delving into old cookbooks. I have an entire shelf full of my grandmother’s classics…and finding a good old cookbook at the thrift store is like finding gold.

Lady Bird Johnson’s Lemon Cake is not just another cake. This is one of those old fashioned recipes that you have to make.
Simple pound cakes are one of my favourites. No, they don’t have a thick layer of peanut butter frosting nor a candy topping, but they do have a simple, sweet flavor that pairs well with a cup of coffee.
Let’s talk about Lady Bird Johnson’s Lemon Cake… AKA… Homemade Pound Cake !
This recipe is from an old book, A White House Diary, by Lady Bird Johnson. Their daughter, Lucy Baines Johnson, married in 1966. Southern pound cake was served by the family at a White House reception after the ceremony.
+Yellow cake box.
°2 large scrambled eggs.
°1/2 cup. melted butter
°4 cups. icing sugar.
°8 oz can. Soft cream cheese.
°1 tsp. vanilla extract.
*How to make:
Preheat oven temperature 350 degrees F.
Mixing cake mix, eggs and butter until well mixed.
Create a layer of cake by pressing cake mixture into a greased 9″ x 13″ pan.
Combine the powdered sugar, cream cheese, and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl and stir until the mixture is creamy and smooth.

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