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Cowboy cookies

by Emy
Cowboy cookies are filled with nuts, chocolate chips and coconut flakes.This recipe has been pared down from Laura Bush’s famous cowboy cookie recipe to make 1 dozen cookies.
+Cowboy cookie recipe
I hope there is only one cowboy in your life because this recipe only has ten.
However, I didn’t create this recipe from scratch; I simply took former First Lady Laura Bush’s recipe and broke it in half.
If these cookies are good enough for the boss, they are good enough for me.
I had the privilege of visiting his farm in Crawford when I was in college and will never forget it.
I imagine Laura serving cowboy scones with apple juice from her garden.
To be honest, I didn’t know apples grew in Texas until I saw them in your orchard!
Well, let’s talk cowboy brownies.
Basically, it’s a chocolate chip cookie, but a few extra “things” have been added to it.
Delicious things like oatmeal, nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips.
These are thick cookies that I love! I think oatmeal does amazing things for baked cookies; It’s just my opinion.
In fact, I also have Ron Raisin French Toast on my site.
In my defense, rum is involved, so that you understand it is delicious.
Well, I have French toast for two, if that’s what you care most about.
Talk about less raisins and more chocolate chips, right? This cookie recipe only makes a dozen cookies, but you can fold them in and make more.
They keep well in the freezer, I promise!
I look at the nutrition facts for these cookies, and I’m amazed that they only have 100 calories each! See, that’s the good part about using rolled oats! Make sure to use rolled oats, not quick-cooking oatmeal.
Preparation time 15 minutes
Cooking time 13 minutes
Total time 28 minutes

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